Srimadh Bhaagavatham

This puraanaa is one of the and was written by . This has 18000 shlokaas that are spread in 12 skandhams(caantos) and 335 chapters.

, in one of the shlokaas tell this - "Shri Bhagavaan preached me this ". From this the name of this puraanaa came.

means either Belonging to Shri Bhagavaan or Belonging to His Bhakthaas (Bhaagavathars).

At the very first, this puraanaa was preached by bhagavaan to and then by to and then by to . preached this puraanaa to his beloved son . then preached this to the Paandava king in 7 days (the king was cursed to die in 7 days).

This puraanaa promises if it is read, or hear someone reading, or seen, and understood the meaning of it, to anyone without the discrimination of religion, caste, profession etc. In this Kali Yugam, this is the only way to attain .

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